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Kim Doyeon from Weki Meki talks about beauty, make-up and her favorite hobbies

Kim Duyun of WikiMike recently took part in a photography session with Cosmopolitan to talk about her hobbies and make-up styles.

Kim Dwayne was asked if anything had changed now that she had reached her 20s (Korean age). “I feel like thinking and thinking more about myself these days,” she said. I think the biggest difference is that I started thinking about what kind of hairstyles and make-up suits me better. “She also revealed that she prefers shopping without makeup.

“One of my hobbies is to walk around when I have time, and always go to the make-up shop,” she said. I do not wear a mask when I do it because I sometimes bump into my fans, and I have the ability to exchange greetings and take pictures with them. “

Kim Duyun concluded by saying she and Weki Meki are working hard to finalize their upcoming album and will do more to attract more fans in the future.

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