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Lee Tae Ri debuted in Hollywood with a special appearance in the film “Anastasia”.

Actor Lee Tae Ri (formerly Lee Min Ho) was featured in Hollywood’s “Anastasia”.

“Lee Tae Ri played an Asian prince named Prince Lee in Anastasia and finished all his photography in America,” Starhaus Entertainment said.

Anastasia is an animated Hollywood production in 1997. The Romanovs were threatened by Lenin, and in 1988 they ran through a gate and met an American girl and they were close to her.

Emily Carey, who appeared in films such as “Tomb Raider” and “Wonder Woman”, will play Anastasia. Amiah Miller, who was previously represented in “War for the Planet of the Apes”, will take on the role of the American girl who endorses Anastasia while Brandon Routh from Superman Returns and Legend of Tomorrow will take the role of Anastasia’s father.

Lee Tae Ri, who had to say all his lines in English and did a lot of work in the film, said: “Although it was just a special appearance, the ability to appear and shine in a Hollywood film was a very good experience and an opportunity to meet the challenges. New. Although I have a lot of concerns, I managed to finish shooting safely because of the kindness of the actors. “

With the experience gained by the actor through his continuous appearance in production, Lee Tae Ri worked hard to shine. As a result, the production crew was able to overcome this emotional aspect, enabling him to appear in a Hollywood film. The fact that Lee Tae Ri, who was named Lee Min Ho over the past 20 years, changed his name and opened his second career in his new life, which means he will focus on his acting career.

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