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This is what frightens Kim Kardashian

A world television show revealed the most frightening and terrifying star of American reality television, Kim Kardashian.

During her “Ellen” program, presented by Ellen DeGeneres, this week, Kim Kardashian revealed that the most frightening thing in life is spiders.

As Ellen Degenieris used to arrange for the castles of her guests from stars and celebrities, Kim Kardashian was inspired to carry a spider in her hand, making the famous star jump out of her chair and hold the audience in the studio to take shelter.

Kim Kardashian asked Ellen DeGeneres to stop her joke and told her that her dress was about to fall while she ran into the audience.

Kim Kardashian said during the meeting that her husband, American rapper Kanye West, was angry when she shared naked pictures of her on “Ingrid”.

While welcoming to express her femininity and personality in a natural way, she said she was upset whenever she published naked pictures of her, in order to attract more followers.

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